Patient Specific Direction (PSD) Services

Our simple PSD service allows any community pharmacy to provide a wide range of private enhanced services. There is no need for complex PGDs and there are no restrictions on which brands you are allowed to dispense. Our PSD service covers ALL major PGD services currently on offer from pharmacies. We also cover a wide range of other POM supply services.

For more information on how to join our service please click here to email us. We will then send you more specific details.

Some of our PSDs include:

  • Travel Vaccines
  • Meningitis Vaccines
  • Flu Vaccines
  • Erectile Dysfunction drugs (POMs)
  • Hair loss drugs (POMs)
  • Weightloss drugs (POMs)
  • Antibiotics for UTIs
  • Antibiotics for skin infections
  • Other POMs

  • Our Charges

    We charge a flat fee for each private prescription item. So you can easily determine what to charge your patient.

    An annual registration fee of £99 per pharmacist applies. This fee covers:
  • Pharmacist accreditation
  • Competency assessment

  • We provide all of the following FREE of Charge:
  • All Standard Operating Procedure templates
  • All Standard Operating Procedure templates
  • All consultation form templates
  • All patent information leaflet templates
  • Promotional poster & leaflet templates