A little about us

The web developers at Korda had been developing websites and implementing various online marketing strategies for over five years. The web developers decided to join and create Korda Digital Marketing. This is in result gave the web developers an opportunity to acquire a larger amount of clients. Korda has been growing and succeeding in assisting their clients to reach a higher revenue by attracting wider audience and generating them into customers.

Our Services

Why hire us?

The web developers and consultants at Korda have over five years’ worth of experience in both online marketing and also web development. Korda ensure that their employees are trained and kept up to date with any changes within the online marketing industry.
Korda ensure that their employees meet the clients to go through their marketing strategies thoroughly before applying any strategies. Korda will also ensure that their clients have the most appropriate solution with the highest level of service.
Korda ensure that their clients receive full support with all aspects of their services. Korda also ensure their clients are constantly kept up to date with their marketing strategies and any changes which could be happening which are generating growth in traffic. Korda also ensure their clients are satisfied with and have a regular review to focus on any areas of improvements.

Our Focus

Korda has a strong a focus on ensuring their clients are satisfied with the services provided. Korda has been assisting their clients with online marketing and ensuring they reach their target audience and create a effective revenue.

  • Regular updates with traffic performance
  • Using SEO and PPC to generate more traffic
  • Ensuring clients are using the most effective strategies
  • Analysis of traffic performance