Clinical Audit & Therapy Review

At the core of our business is clinical audit and therapy review services. We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our NHS and private clients; and more importantly to help provide first class health care to patients.

We use the latest IT software tools to ensure that our service is delivered both efficiently, with minimal disruption to patients and practices, and most importantly, with the highest degree of accuracy.

Improved health outcomes

Our audits and reviews can be tailored to deliver both improved health outcomes and more efficient use of NHS resources.

A 600% return on investment

We specialise in analysing and reviewing GP practices with a high prescribing spend, with a view to bringing the practice in to financial balance. We have a 100% track record in delivering significant reductions in prescribing spend with all practices that we work with.

We deliver outcomes:

  • Improved health care and reduced hospital admissions
  • Evidence based prescribing
  • Effective use of NHS resources

  • Robust clinical governance procedures

    Safety in everything we do is paramount. Our team is highly experienced and all reviews are carried out to strict protocols and procedures. We ensure an audit trail is always in place and that practices are well informed of the procedure to be carried out.

    Minimal disruption

    Our experience and adherence to clinical governance procedures allows our team to work independently at your practice. Thus ensuring that you can continue with your day job with minimal disruption. Once we have agreement from the GP, we manage the whole process; from identifying problem areas, to implementing changes, to monitoring patients.

    The complete audit cycle

    We provide a complete service as follows:
  • Analysis of key problem therapeutic areas
  • Initial authorisation and agreement with the lead GP
  • Clinical review of patient records
  • Application of clinical evidence based prescribing and individual patient recommendations
  • Summary of review findings & recommendations
  • Implementation of agreed recommendations
  • Individual patient review / action recommendations
  • Re-audit / follow-up