International Services

Due to our extensive experience, successful outcomes, and excellent client feedback, Rx Advisor is recognised as the leading provider of medicines management and medicines optimisation services in the UK. Our positive reputation has given us an opportunity to share our expertise with countries that aspire to emulate the UK NHS. This has resulted in the broadening of our own horizons and helped us to reflect on ways in which we can incorporate learnings from other countries to help improve the services that we provide to our UK clients.

We have undertaken innovative pilot projects commissioned by health authorities in the United Arab Emirates. Which included a baseline review to inform rational prescribing strategies, guideline development and strategies to facilitate cost effective use of government health resources.

We also facilitated cooperative working between healthcare professionals from different disciplines of healthcare and we have provided training and development of pharmacovigilance teams within government organisations.We are proud to share our knowledge and we have been invited to speak at international conferences.

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