Case Studies - Our Achievements

With an excellent track record of providing prescribing support, medicines management and medicines optimisation services at all levels in NHS organisations, the Rx Advisor team is the most experienced NHS service provider.We have delivered a range of medication review and enhanced pharmacy services, for which members of our team have won national awards.

Rx Advisor is proud to be the leading provider of medicines optimisation. We are the first independent provider to demonstrate how a well organised team led by a clinical pharmacist can deliver tangible and sustainable outcomes. We showed a return on investment of £5.60 for every £1 invested in our service in our Outer North West London tender. Click here to read the published paper in Prescriber (19/5/2013).

Our team has reviewed hundreds of thousands of patient medical records and we have provided thousands of therapy interventions to improve patient care and promote cost effective evidence based prescribing. We are pleased to be able to share our experiences and we are in the process of compiling a portfolio of the services that we have provided and the outstanding outcomes that we have achieved.

Provided below are examples of some of the services that we have provided and the outcomes that were achieved.


Rx Advisor was selected as the provider of choice by ONWL CCG for their Medicines Management Service delivery project in October 2011. A prescribing support and medicines management service was provided to 185 GP practices in ONWL CCG over 6 months. Rx Advisor deployed a team of 22 clinical pharmacists who were assigned a group of GP practices to support.

Service aims & objectives

The aim of the project was for Rx Advisor to provide resources and expertise in assisting the commissioning PCTs to deliver on prescribing efficiency savings on the NHS 'Better Care Better Values' and the NHS 'Quality Innovation Productivity and Prevention' prescribing indicators at GP practice level. This was undertaken by the provision of pharmacist resources and process management by Rx Advisor who identified areas of prescribing savings within individual GP practices and following approval from GPs these savings were realised by way of undertaking appropriate interventions to medication. Patients were informed about the changes in a variety of ways, which included information letters and telephone calls.

The tender set a target prescribing saving of £1.5m.


The outcomes of the project showed an achievement of 1,284 days of prescribing support services provided by Rx Advisor. And and identified prescribign savings of over £2.8 million. The agreed savings implemented amounted to £2,313,000. The saving was a sizeable amount and resulted in a return of £6.07 for every £1 invested in the service by the commissioners.

The outcomes were externally verified by the CCG's own medicines management team and a sustained prescribing cost saving was confirmed at £1,942,000 (£5.60 return on every £1 invested). This result shows that 84% of the interventions implemented by Rx Advisor's team were sustained. The project has been confirmed as a success by the ONWL CCG board and is due for publication in Prescriber.

Click here to read the published paper in Prescriber (19/5/2013)

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